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Zhenhua Crane

Project Name: Zhenhua Crane

Mechanical models, as the name implies, are about the reduction of machinery in the same proportion of real equipment, such as 1:10, 1:20 and so on. If, in the case of proportional permission, it is entirely possible to simulate the working principle and demonstration in real equipment, the mechanical model has the advantages of equal scale scaling, high simulation, suitable transportation, suitable for exhibiting and so on, and is more and more favored by large-scale machinery manufacturing companies, through its unique development and special design, Constantly give the model a higher external performance and visual impact. Possess special equipment and tools for making ship models. This is an important means to solve the difficulty of making difficulties and to ensure the technical level of the works.

From a certain point of view, exquisite and delicate works, is the craft play and tool ability performance

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