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Warship exhibition hall

Exhibition hall is one of the ways to publicize its own culture and enhance the value of enterprises. Modeling designers and producers should deeply understand the connotation of corporate culture, and introduce it into the details of landscape sketches, videos, voice, etc. The soul of culture should be carried out in the whole model, revealing the root and future of the enterprise, directly attacking the hearts of visitors, so that it can quickly integrate into the cultural theme atmosphere, starting from the design style, process materials and exhibition content of the exhibition hall. Select environmentally friendly and durable materials for production. And through professional production process, create a sand table model similar to the style of the exhibition hall, color and light matching harmony, so that the sand table model and the exhibition hall into a unified whole. With the universality of enterprise exhibition hall design, in order to quickly catch the eyes of visitors and achieve amazing results, we need an innovative design and unique display mode. Sand table model integrates sound, light, electricity, image, three-dimensional animation and computer program control technology with solid model to achieve a vivid and varied dynamic visual effect.


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