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Everbright Martin model

Project name: Everbright Martin model, Everbright Martin model

Proportion of projects: 1:10

Project size: 180 cm*110 cm

Entrusted Unit: Everbright Environmental Protection Energy (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.

In order to ensure the fineness of the model of the Sandplay model, it is necessary to invest a lot of money in the quality of the model industry in the peak position of the equipment ———— the German CNC high-precision carving milling machine and large laser engraving machine, these equipment for the company model quality and production speed to provide a strong guarantee. Dazu Laser Engraving machine: This machine laser products directly with laser on the surface of the material carving, powerful, precise and meticulous, powerful cutting capacity in the same kind of machine, for ABS board, plexiglass engraving function is particularly powerful, and in the same work can be divided into 16 parts through 16 colors

Each part works with different energy and speed, the servo motor is a DC product, the error does not exceed 0.001 mm, the engraving speed is 10 times times that of the mechanical engraving machine

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