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广博集团纳米材料PVD沙盘 新奥集团生产线

石墨烯规模化制备 积水置业曼悦.裕沁轩


Full range of solutions
Industrial/ Machinery/ production
Real Estate /profile /Planning
Power / Energy / Hydraulic
Intelligence, Dynamics, Sand Table
Aviation, Space, Ships
Multimedia, Exhibition Hall
Ding ye Case Show
Dingye Video Show
Video Show of Haoxiang Agriculture
Taihe Sewage Treatment Plant Proje
Canal Bridge

Why have the strength of the customer to choose dingye?

Planning, design, production and installation of integrated solutions
  • Design leading

    Tongji Architectural Master Designer

    Design Planning creative Team Industry senior.    

  • Qualification Strength

    Model Showroom Design and construction complete,    

    15 professional deep ploughing production experience.

  • Boutique Engineering

    More than 100 models of works craftsmanship,  

    multi-industry cross-border, integration of design boutique cases.

  • Technological innovation

    Dozens of technology grafting display boutique models, numbers, and showroom technology, 

    multimedia interactive wide range of innovative applications.

Enterprise qualification
Company Profile

Shanghai Dingye Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004 is a national professional model production company, is a set of building models, mechanical models, building renderings, exhibition design, multimedia design and production in one integrated design and manufacturing enterprises. Shanghai Dingye Industrial Co., Ltd. is an enterprising, innovative, united and progressive professional team, bringing together more than 50 architectural masters, more than 50 mechanical art designers, more than 20 computer operation professionals, more than 100 model production skilled craftsmen, is for the common belief and condensed into a strong fighting force of the group.Shanghai Dingye Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of the few domestic doctoral architects, Tongji University School of Planning Master of the model production enterprises, at the same time has a number of structural designers, Academy of Sciences sculpture Department graduate talent experts, they directly participate in the whole process of model production, personnel quality, technical force are among the forefront of the country.

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