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Mayor to Present Budget Workshop at Noon Today

posted Dec 29, 2010, 7:36 AM by James Valley
Mayor James F. Valley will be presenting a working draft of the 2011 Budget to the incoming administration at 12:00 noon today. This workshop is for the purpose of explaining how the budget is composed and what the various items in it represent. We will also cover the Base Pay Ordinance. That document controls the number of employees allowed on city payroll and how they are positioned within city government.

Mayor Valley will present a working draft of these documents which will be subject to change, modification or correction by Mayor Elect Willis prior to his submission of the documents to the city council for a vote at the January 4th meeting or any meeting thereafter and prior to the adoption deadline of February 1st.

The 2010 Budget has been extended in its current form and will remain in effect until February 1, 2011 or a new budget is passed whichever occurs first. If the city fails to adopt a budget by February 1st, Arkansas law requires that the city close its doors until a budget is passed.